Friday, May 12, 23's horoscope by Christopher Renstrom

 The moment you start to accept rejection, it seems as though everything will change.  Are you ready to repeat the entire process?  Still, the prize is worthwhile.


You've been dealing with a problem for so long that you hardly remember what life was like before.  You'll soon receive a reminder and an opportunity to revisit it.


Despite your best efforts to escape them, the stars are working together to lure you into their presence.  It's a wonderful chance to resolve disagreements.


 You are being pushed to soften your stance.  Keep in mind that you didn't start off believing it. Find ways to accomplish this without looking foolish.


  If you're going to settle a dispute, do so.  Without any ifs, ands, or buts, apologize, give in, or pay someone back.  You desire a blank slate.


  Never give advise unless requested.  You may not realize how sensitive this individual is, so an act of goodwill could easily backfire.


  Although you work with people who aren't as skilled, you've never met a rule that couldn't be bent.  Hold off till nobody is looking.


 You made every effort to find a misplaced item or investment.  Accept that it is simply not possible, then move on.


  You sense that someone is acting out of line.  Same opinion of you held by this person.  Continue with the following point and come back to this impasse later.


 To be pleasantly delighted when things go well, you start with your doubts.  Consider the possibilities if you reversed the equation.


While it may be tempting, resist using an opponent's vulnerability.  It's still a cheap shot and will only backfire, no matter how justified it may be.


When someone admits that there was a misunderstanding, everything makes sense.  However, going back to fix things will be more difficult.


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