Fast X Review: Jason Momoa Is Here To Save Fast And Furious 

The same opinions are frequently expressed when speaking with actors regarding villainous parts.

"I don't view [insert character name] as a villain," they declare. They clarify that no one sees oneself as a villain in real life. 

They are committed to presenting an argument that supports the acts of their character. 

They reject mustache-twirling and strive to make their act more grounded in reality.

In a pastel outfit with pom-poms in his hair, Fast X's Jason Momoa sets this classic  ...

...acting technique on fire and joyfully runs over it with a steamroller. 

The Aquaman actor plays Dante Reyes, the newest adversary to face off against Dominic Toretto's family in ....

...the venerable Fast & Furious franchise. He not only charms you with his psychotic,  

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