Fans Troll Tom Sandoval at Live Concert With Signs 

life copying art. Or perhaps one creative mind influences others. 

James Kennedy did, in fact, win the award this year. Nothing compares to his oddball one-liners in confessional. 

Additionally, the leaked Vanderpump Rules reunion clip revealed more obscenities directed at outcast cheater Tom Sandoval from the DJ.

Since the public learned of Sandoval's relationship with Raquel Leviss,  

he has had to cope with a great deal of criticism. 

There have been calls to boycott Schwartz & Sandy's, his eatery. 

The restaurant he built with his friend Tom Schwartz received numerous negative ratings from the general public on Yelp.

His Sandoval & The Most Extras shows saw a significant decline in attendance. Raquel most likely stopped going as well. 

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