Fans of 'Yellowstone' go wild as Luke Grimes posts a photo of himself performing at Stagecoach.

The Yellowstone actor had a one-of-a-kind musical performance at Stagecoach that left many country fans speechless.

The 39-year-old actor, who portrays brash cattle commissioner Kayce Dutton, began his Stagecoach performance a little early to get the celebration started.

 He began with his most successful song, "No Horse To Ride," which has had over 10 million Spotify listens.

He then stringed and strummed for 25 minutes, performing his new song, "Hold On," in the process.

Luke looked every inch the country heartthrob, dressed in cowboy boots, blue jeans, a button-up camp shirt, dark sunglasses, and a cream-colored cowboy hat, and when he talked on stage between songs

it just solidified his increasing popularity. "Are you guys melting out there?" he said of the audience. "It's the same here. Let us all melt together."

Stagecoach brought him in front of a large crowd in late April. Grimes dedicated it "to the only one that really matters," his wife.

"You were incredible—thank you for coming out here in this insane heat!!" You were incredible!! Another admirer gushed, "You're absolutely killing it."

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