Ex-Cowboys RB Coach Gives Ezekiel Elliott a Reality Check 

After serving the Cowboys for three seasons in the same capacity, Skip Peete, 

the new Buccaneers running back coach, is getting ready for his first campaign with the team. 

He is attempting to adjust to the new coaching staff, players, and city he joined during the offseason, 

like many other coaches and players. Ezekiel Elliott, a former Dallas tailback, is still unsigned, on the other hand.  

The Cowboys dismissed Elliott in March after another season in which he had fewer carries, 

largely as a result of Tony Pollard's rise to prominence in the backfield .

Peete believes that Elliott's unwillingness to take on a less position is the cause of his unsigning. 

According to Peete, who was quoted by the Tampa Bay Times, "I think that's part of the reason he's sitting out there.  

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