Euphoria Season 3 Delayed to 2025—Not the Only HBO Drama Delay.

Pencils down, viewers disappointed. The hiatus between Seasons 2 and 3 of HBO's  ,

Euphoria will be considerably longer than the one between Seasons 1 and 2, 

according to our sister site Deadline. The sophomore season finale of Euphoria, 

which aired in 2022, won't air again until 2025 at the earliest due to the writers' strike, 

Sam Levinson's commitment to The Idol, and in-demand star Zendaya's busy schedule. 

"Euphoria is one of those [shows] that we had begun writing in tandem with post-production on Idol, 

but at this point, we don't have countless scripts," explains HBO executive Francesca Orsi. 

"We can't start shooting, so when we can pick back up with Sam — who at this point is [not writing] and just finishing post on Idol — will determine when we can deliver that show, ideally in 2025."

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