Elle Fanning Lost a Big Franchise Movie Over Instagram Followers: "I Don't Feel Pressure" to Join Marvel, "Star Wars," and More

Elle Fanning has some experience starring in a major studio series thanks to her role as Aurora in Disney's two "Maleficent" movies; nevertheless, 

the 25-year-old star has not yet joined franchise behemoths such as "Star Wars" and Marvel. 

A recent question posed to Fanning on the "Happy Sad Confused" podcast inquired as to whether or not 

she feels pressured by her job to participate in major studio franchises in order to maintain her "relevance" as an actor.

"I don't feel that pressure," the speaker said. I don't," Fanning added, though he did acknowledge that working for companies like Marvel 

"Star Wars," or DC "does something" for the careers of other performers. 

"But you also don't know if they're going to work sometimes, which is scary," she continued. 

"You also don't know if they're going to work sometimes."

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