Dwight Howard Trolls Chris Paul With Taiwan Basketball Invite After Suns Blowout Loss 

After the Suns' crushing Game 6 loss to the Nuggets on Thursday night, 

newly-minted Taiwan basketball hero Dwight Howard teased Phoenix point guard Chris Paul by pleading with him to join him in playing basketball abroad.

A bogus comment attributed to Paul that read, "If I don't win the ring with KD,  

I'm going to Taiwan with Dwight Howard," was shared by Howard on Instagram. 

Howard made the most of the occasion to pitch the Suns point guard even though the comment was a phony.

The meme and a video of Howard giving a voiceover saying, "Bro, I would do it!" were both featured on his reel. 

I have no idea why he is being so tense over here.Paul, who is used to being the target of internet pranks gone viral,

seems to be the target once more. Paul's groin injury from Game 2 kept him out of the final four games of the Denver series. 

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