Drinking Game for Season 5 Episode 2: Yellowstone

After four profitable seasons, the producers of "Yellowstone" announced that Season 5 would be the final season.

In November of 2023, "Yellowstone" will come to a dramatic conclusion following innumerable fatalities, interminable battles, liters of alcohol consumed by the Dutton family, and an endless mission to safeguard their sacrosanct ranch.

In the first half of the final season, viewers were treated to a healthy dosage of family strife, fist battles, and gunfire as the Dutton family continued their mission to preserve the ranch's origins while also navigating romance, politics, and murder.

Although fans of "Yellowstone" can appreciate the spinoff miniseries "1883" and "1923" and other probable upcoming sequels, they will surely mourn the Dutton family as we know it, according to Deadline.

Despite the conclusion of the neo-western series, there is one way we can commemorate the Dutton family: imbibing.

Whether your spirit character is John, Rip, or Beth, beer and bourbon are the one thing they all have in common.

In preparation for the impending Season 5 finale, we've devised a "Yellowstone" drinking game that will leave you more inebriated than Beth after she storms out of Gator's dinner.

Drink like a real "Yellowstone" character by gathering up a rodeo's worth of the show's designated alcoholic beverages with a six-pack of Coors Banquet, a fifth of Buffalo Trace Bourbon, and a group of your most grizzled cowboy pals to send off this steel-hearted series in style.

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