Doc Rivers' blunt response to Monty Williams being fired by the Suns 

The Phoenix Suns fired Monty Williams, and the renowned head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, Doc Rivers, 

had harsh words for them.'Don't win Coach of the Year,' Doc Rivers said in response to Monty Williams being fired in Phoenix, 

according to Tim Bontemps of ESPN. Williams and Rivers spoke yesterday, 

but Rivers indicated he wouldn't discuss further because he wanted to concentrate on the next game. 

When the crucial Game 7 isn't on the line, Rivers might make a longer statement. 

However, although being only a few words, his comments above showed contempt for the Suns' choice.  

The job of a coach is thankless because, regardless of what led to the problems affecting their teams, 

head coaches like Williams are the first to be fired. As Doc mentioned, Williams, 

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