Disney Removes 40 Shows From Disney+ & Hulu Next Week 

Disney will be pulling some titles from Disney+ and Hulu, including Willow and Y: The Last Man. 

Some services have started to remove content from their platforms, including their own original programs,  

in an effort to reduce costs as the streaming business continues to change. 

This was the tactic employed by HBO Max when it eliminated popular shows like Westworld, 

The Nevers, and many more. Recently, it was confirmed that Disney would handle Disney+ and Hulu similarly. 

According to Deadline, the titles that will be taken off of Disney+ and Hulu on May 26 were disclosed on a recent Disney earnings call. 

There will be a lot of well-liked films, television shows, and making-of specials eliminated. 

This includes The One and Only Ivan, Willow, and The Making of Willow on Disney+. This includes Little Demon,  

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