Disney Closes Expensive "Star Wars" Galactic Starcruiser Experience 

Disney announced today that the pricey (for visitors, at least) Star Wars-themed Galactic Starcruiser experience will close in September,  

about four years after it was first announced by Bob Chapek, then-chairman of Walt Disney Parks, 

Experiences and Products. The announcement was made the same morning that Josh D'Amaro, 

president of Parks and Resorts, informed staff members of Disney Parks, 

Experiences & Products that the company would no longer be moving almost 2,000 employees and their families from California to Central Florida.

One of our most innovative ventures, Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser has received  ,

accolades from visitors and recognition for raising the bar for inventiveness and immersive entertainment.  

In order to create future experiences that can reach more of our guests and fans, 

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