Dallas Braden Addresses Embattled A's Broadcast Partner Glen Kuiper

Dallas Braden, a former A's pitcher who works with Glen Kuiper in the broadcast booth, 

released a comment on the incident two days after the A's suspended Kuiper for using what appeared to be a racial slur on air.

On Saturday, the team announced that Kuiper had been suspended ...

...and would not return to the airwaves until a thorough investigation of the incident had been conducted. 

When talking about a recent visit to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Kuiper seemed to utter the slur.

Braden explained his perspective on the incident in his statement and said that his previous quiet on the subject had been "misrepresented."

"At the time of the incident, I was not aware that anything in the broadcast was amiss," Braden's statement said. 

Because of the complexities of live television, we broadcasters occasionally fail to catch part of what our audience members see and hear.