Crazy John Wick 5 Theory Goes Constantine Mode, But It Works 

The famed assassin seemed to have already outsmarted any goons who might have been responsible for the murder of his wife and dog.  

Will he, however, be able to handle supernatural beings?

Due to its intense action and captivating plot, the John Wick franchise has a devoted following. 

And a Reddit fan theory claims that the fifth episode... will take place in Hell, 

elevating the series to a whole new level.According to the hypothesis, the renowned assassin played by Keanu Reeves would end up in the abyss in the future movie.

The idea is that John Wick will run into mythical creatures that live in the underworld  ...

...due to his unrelenting pursuit of vengeance against those who have harmed him.

The theory therefore makes a guess as to what Viggo says to the main character in the last moments of the film.  

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