Cowboys Legend Emmitt: Pollard 'Worry,' Zeke Error?

Ezekiel Elliott has struggled to find a new team since the Dallas Cowboys released him almost two months ago. 

Some, including Cowboys great Emmitt Smith, believe Elliott might return to Dallas. Smith told CBS Sports he wants Elliott back this offseason.

"I was extremely disappointed that they allowed Zeke to leave," Smith stated. "Because of the injury to Tony Pollard, I thought they would keep both of those guys back there and would have been able to give them some time to see how Pollard bounced back."

As a running back, I know that when you get injured as Tony Pollard did, the question is can you come back? Running requires legs. I need my legs to work again."

Pollard's broken fibula from last season's playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers gives Smith pause, but the Cowboys handed him the franchise tag this offseason.

Still, Cowboys fans might wonder how Pollard will look after his injury.

Will he return unchanged? "I hope so," Smith remarked. I want him to succeed. No. 1. No. 2—I want him back on the field because he's so exciting."

I considered having Zeke as a backup or starter in the interim. Zeke knows the Cowboys are businesspeople, but you have to strike when the iron is hot and get paid for your value. When you're not, people move you."

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