Colts Owner Issues After Report Connects Commanders, Andrew Luck 

Jim Irsay reacted to Twitter on Sunday to clarify a report from ESPN's  ...

...John Keim that claimed the Commanders "phoned" former quarterback Andrew Luck about a potential comeback. 

The Colts owner politely reminded the other 31 NFL teams that doing so would be against the league's tampering policy and issued a  ...

...warning shot to anyone who might be interested in luring Luck out of retirement.

Irsay posted his message on Twitter on Sunday night. "It would be a clear violation of the League's Tampering Policy if any ...

...NFL Team attempted to contact Andrew Luck (or any associate of him) to play for their Franchise," Irsay wrote.

According to Keim's report, the Commanders searched extensively during the offseason for a quarterback to join Sam Howell, 

Carson Wentz, and Taylor Heinicke on the roster. Washington reportedly contacted Luck to determine whether he might be interested in coming out of retirement.