Colorado's Pac-12 victory total odds are lowest. 

The Buffs are still predicted by the bookmakers to have a poor season. If you even somewhat follow college football,  

you are probably aware of how popular Colorado has grown as a program.

The addition of Deion Sanders has transformed a Colorado program that was as unimportant as any team in the nation before his hire. 

After a recent 1-11 campaign in which they fielded one of the worst teams in college football history, 

the Buffs' roster is essentially gone under Sanders' leadership. In a class that is ranked as the best transfer class in the nation, 

the former Jackson State coach sent over 50 players who are now former Colorado players on their way and has since replaced  ...

...them with individuals he hopes will assist speed up this rebuild via the transfer portal.

His transfer class is anchored by none other than Travis Hunter, a former No. 1 overall recruit and two-way star,  

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