Cole Hauser Announced Season 5 Episodes for "Yellowstone" Fans

Based on what Cole Hauser just said, fans of Yellowstone might want to head back to the ranch for season 5 part 2.

Followers of the star know that he rarely writes anything on Instagram about the Paramount Network show.

 But on April 15, everything changed when he posted what could have been a status update on the show. As fans may know, the halfway end of Yellowstone season 5 ran in January.

 Even though the second part of the episode is meant to come out this summer, there has been no word about when shooting will start. 

There have also been rumors, which have not been proven, that the series is coming to an end.

Still, it looks like Cole knows when the cameras are going to start rolling. The star said that the Yellowstone group might finally be getting back together behind the scenes.

Cole wasn't the only one anticipating the covert rendezvous. "@colehauser22 this is epic," Denim commented after "Dazed and Confused" star tweeted the shot.

Fans will soon realize it from Cole's look and the serious news concerning season 5 part 2's filming.

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