Chinese zodiac signs' strongest point

Rat: Most Insightful 

Rats have unparalleled insight. Though most Rats have no physical edge, they have keen intelligence and can predict the future with a glance. 

Ox: Most Kind-hearted

It's good? Because the kind-hearted Oxen are usually patient and helpful, which offers them unexpected luck.

Tiger: Best-planned

Tigers are unmatched in planning. When others are aimless, the Tigers have a plan and succeed easily. 

Rabbit: Most Enduring

Despite their lack talent and intelligence, Rabbits are the most lasting animal signs and can always insist on and achieve goals that others cannot. Happily, they endure.

Dragon: Most Prestigiou

Dragons usually accomplish more and more magnificently for the same word or deed since they are more distinguished. Dragon people lead and are good-tempered.

Snake: Most Graceful

Snake people are envied for their grace and beauty.

Horse: Most Vigorous

Taoism values vitality. Horses are more lively and spirited than humans. Horse people never stop fighting. Chinese proverb: dragon or horse energy.

Sheep: Most Talented

Sheep are exceptional readers and writers. They are literary poets.