Chelsea Green: "Karen" Idea Not Mine, Saw Online Before WWE Rumble

Chelsea Green says that being a "Karen" wasn't her idea; she saw it online before WWE Royal Rumble.

Green recently went on Ryan Satin's "Out of Character" show and said that she didn't come up with her "Karen" character.

Green said she heard reports about the act online before she returned to WWE at the 2023 Royal Rumble.

Green said that at first she wasn't sure about the idea, but she chose to go with it in the end.

Green said that playing the "Karen" role has been fun for her and that people have given her good feedback.

Green said she doesn't know how long she will play the "Karen" role, but she is open to trying other things in the future.

Green said that she was thankful for the chance to come back to WWE and that she was looking forward to what the future held.

Fans have had different thoughts about what Green said. Some fans have praised Green for being ready to play the "Karen" role, while others have criticized the gimmick.

No one knows how long Green will play the "Karen" role, but since she came back to WWE, she has definitely made a splash.

Green is a skilled fighter and performer, and WWE is sure to keep her around for a long time.

I can't wait to see what Green does next, and I'm sure she will keep people entertained.

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