Chad Stahelski's John Wick 5 Condition: "If There's a Way"

Chad Stahelski says he's open to helming John Wick 5 again,  

but the plot must be compelling. Fans have made predictions about what will happen to the titular anti-hero after John Wick Chapter 4, 

especially since John Wick 5 was initially approved back in 2020. Fans' hopes were renewed when Motion Picture Group chairman Joe Drake ...

...revealed during Lionsgate's Q4 2023 earnings conference that John Wick 5 is now in development.

Stahelski recently talked about the prospect of returning to the John Wick universe as a  ,

director in an interview with Screen Rant for the John Wick Chapter 4 digital and home entertainment release. 

He clarified that he would be open to helming either John Wick 5 or other spin-offs. 

After way John Wick Chapter 4 concluded, he was clear that the tale had to be good for him to return for John Wick 5. 

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