Chad Stahelski Discusses John Wick 5 

The extremely lucrative John Wick franchise may get a fifth chapter, according to director Chad Stahelski. 

John Wick: Chapter 4 received great reviews, but the series' future is still up in the air.  

Stahelski acknowledged the popularity of the series and expressed gratitude for the support and attention exhibited by fans in an interview with The Direct. 

Stahelski stressed the significance of giving the legendary character a well-deserved rest even though the John Wick franchise is still growing, 

with a series and a spin-off film directed by Ana De Armas on the horizon.

The filmmaker wants to give John Wick some downtime after the events of Chapter 4, 

so that he can relax and even explore other realms in subsequent parts. Stahelski noted the difficulty of preserving ...

uniqueness and avoiding duplication whileacknowledging the commercial element of maintaining a prosperous franchise. 

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