Cat Asks for Help a Month After Asking for Food Outside Guy's House 

A black and white cat wandered up to a resident's Montreal home and began rummaging around for food.

The neighbor with four cats of his own, Sebastien, handed him some kibble and water.  

The stray dog scarfed it down and then ran away. He didn't return until the weather began to cool off a few weeks later.

He went back to the location where he had previously obtained food because he was thirsty and hungry, 

according to Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montreal in an interview with Love Meow.

The cat entered the porch by the window and observed a cat living in the warm house  ...

...while he was outside in the chilly weather. Sebastian tried to win the cat's trust since he  ...

...wanted to assist him and get him inside but the animal was too terrified.

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