California woman bought three abandoned Sicilian houses for $3.30 to profit from Italy's ghost town repopulation.

Rubia Daniels had to see Italy's affordable houses after hearing about them.

"I'm amazed. "You have to see it to believe it," Daniels told Insider. "I did my research.

And within three days I had my plane ticket, a rental car, the hotel, and left.

She bought three derelict Sicilian properties for €1 each on a 10-day journey to Mussomeli in July 2019.

The Mussomeli home project's Case 1 Euro agent confirmed purchases. 

Daniels, who migrated to California 30 years ago from the outskirts of Brasilia, Brazil, said the Italian hamlet reminded her of her boyhood home.

Everyone wanted coffee with me. "The realtors treated me like a sister—they were with me every day," Daniels added. 

She adored rehabilitating abandoned homes and the town's rich history."It's an environmental concept," Daniels said. Stop building and start remodeling.