Bride's Post-Wedding Call Leaves Guest Reeling

The wedding guest was having a great time at the wedding. She was dancing, eating, and drinking, and she was really happy for the bride and groom.

After the wedding, the guest was getting ready to leave when she got a call from the bride. The bride sounded upset. She told the guest that she had just found out that the groom had been cheating on her.

The guest was shocked. She couldn't believe that the groom would do something like that. The bride told the guest that she didn't know what to do. She was heartbroken and didn't know if she could go through with the wedding.

The guest told the bride that she would support her no matter what she decided. The bride decided to call off the wedding. She was devastated, but she knew that it was the right thing to do.

The guest was sad to see the wedding called off, but she knew that the bride had made the right decision.The wedding guest could be a close friend of the bride or groom, or she could be a more distant acquaintance 

The wedding could be a small, intimate affair or a large, lavish event. The bride could find out about the groom's infidelity from a friend, family member, or even the groom himself.

The bride's reaction to the news could range from shock and disbelief to anger and sadness. The wedding guest could offer the bride practical support, such as help with finding a new place to live or a new job, or she could offer emotional support, such as listening to the bride vent and cry.

The bride's decision to call off the wedding could be a difficult one, but it could also be a liberating one. She could now start to rebuild her life without the groom.

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