Bold & Beautiful Fans Criticize "Sick and Sad" Storyline 

Bold & Beautiful viewers have been trying to pinpoint Hope's specific problem for a number of weeks. 

They've puzzled by the happily married heroine's frequent feelings of attraction to and even fantasies about Thomas. 

While that exact scenario isn't all that unusual—it has occurred on ...

...other soap operas in the past—the history that has transpired between the two characters in the past is what has fans on edge. 

While newer viewers might not be completely familiar with the background, 

even they are aware that Thomas once became fixated on his coworker thanks to the dialogue's constant repetition. 

What those newcomers might not understand is that, for a brief moment, 

Thomas concealed the truth that Liam and Hope's purportedly dead child was actually alive and well and being nurtured by his sister, 

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