Billie Eilish: "Let women exist!"

This past weekend, popular singer Billie Eilish responded to criticism of her wardrobe on Instagram. 

She published what she referred to as a "letter to some comments" she had observed on social media.

Eilish wrote, "I spent the first five years of my career getting absolutely destroyed by you fools for dressing and acting like a boy and constantly hearing that I'd be hotter if I acted like a woman.

And now that I'm at ease enough to put on anything even remotely feminine or appropriate, I've changed and am a sellout.

She continued, "I can be both," calling out the "true idiots" and "bozos" who had criticized her appearance. I say, "Let women exist!"

The Grammy-winning musician Eilish has long been the focus of discussion regarding her clothing choices. 

I never want the world to know everything about me, the singer, who was 17 at the time, said in a Calvin Klein advertisement in 2019.

That's why I wear large, baggy clothing, sort of. Because they haven't seen what's underneath, nobody can express an opinion.

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