Bill Gates wishes his younger self realized 'there is more to life than work'. 

According to Bill Gates, "there is more to life than work."

The co-founder of Microsoft advised Northern Arizona University grads to strike a balance between job and family.

When Microsoft first started, according to Gates, he used to keep an eye on whose employees left early or late.

Bill Gates claimed that he didn't understand "there is more to life than work" until he was older and a father.

"When I was your age, I didn't believe in vacations," Gates said in his Saturday  ...

...commencement address to the class of graduates from Northern Arizona University. 

"I didn't think weekends existed. I forced everyone around me to put in a lot of overtime. 

The entrepreneur, who left Harvard after three semesters to found Microsoft, told grads of NAU, "You are not a slacker if you cut yourself some slack."

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