Bill Gates' Grad Advice and a New Future of Work Newsletter

If there was one term that epitomized my first year of publishing this weekly, it would be the "Great Resignation.

" Up until last fall, my reporting on this topic was centered on what businesses were attempting to keep hold of the job-hoppers who,

in the wake of the pandemic, were moving employers at an unprecedented rate—or quitting their jobs altogether. 

I discussed how businesses were implementing sabbaticals to assist in employee retention,

requiring vacation time, and attempting to recruit individuals with additional time off at the beginning of their tenures. 

Even though no one was quite sure what to name it, The Great Resignation was a significant cultural event in the workplace.

What a year brings is change. Layoffs in the tech industry started to climb last fall,

and an economic shadow grew as more and more businesses across industries stopped hiring, delayed wage increases,

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