Best places to live in the US: report

According to a research issued on Tuesday, a city in the Midwest has beaten out 149 of the nation's other most populous cities to.  

Claim the title of best place to live. Green Bay, Wisconsin, received the top overall ranking in U.S. 

News & World Report's list of the 2023–2024 Best Places to Live. The publication releases the list once a year.

According to U.S. News & World Report, Green Bay's rankings in terms of value and quality of life helped it move up to the top spot. 

Its ascent this year constituted a two-spot improvement over last year, when it climbed 18 spots to take third place.In order to.  

Compile its list, U.S. News took into account information on the employment market, value, desirability, and quality of life in the 150.  

largest U.S. metropolitan regions. The outlet began include weather temperateness and the ratio of "restaurants, bars, and activities per.  

1,000 residents" into its desirability score for the 2023–2024 rankings. Additionally added to that analytical category was net migration.