Best 2023 NBA playoffs fits?

Fans of the Boston Celtics are well aware at this point that star forward Jayson 

Tatum prefers to attend games wearing a skintight fit that is visible to everyone in the arena.  

But in comparison to the other NBA fashionistas who sport their best garments while entering at the arena, how does his choice of attire fare?

Big Wos, host of the Ringer's "Full Court Fits" show, discussed the costumes worn by Tatum,  

PJ Tucker of the Philadelphia 76ers, and Evan Fournier of the New York Knicks in the most recent episode of the show. 

He also discusses forthcoming sneaker releases, such as the J. 

Balvin Jordan 3 collaboration, the Nike Zoom Freak 5 from Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks' signature line,  

and the Nike Mac attack, which is Travis Scott's next collaboration with Nike.

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