Before May 22, a tarot reader predicts what the zodiac will bring.

Fighting is certain this week. You might start it, as every Aries is aware. If possible, refrain from making it worse.


This week, creativity will fuel you. The cosmos is telling you to attempt something new or learn a new skill.


This week will bring heartache. This card is sad and lonely. You're skilled at suppressing those feelings, but this week they'll be unavoidable. You’ll survive. Always do.


Good week ahead. Enjoy your happiness and emotional stability. You can unwind while other zodiacs struggle. Congrats!


Your week will be positive and warm. This card depends on your response to adversity. Be positive and trust that everything will work out. Enjoy the sun.


You'll reach a goal this week. It could be minor or major. You'll be proud of your accomplishments either way.


You're transitioning. Even for good, change is hard. This week, welcome change and let go of the ideas that hold you back.


This card is about traditions and beliefs. This week may be a religious or cultural tradition. Your long-held personal beliefs could potentially be it. Does it help or hinder?