Arianny Celeste's Instagram Outfit Stirs Up UFC Ring Girl 

Arianny revealed details about her business transactions outside of the UFC during her interview with CY Interview.

"I believe I am much more than just a ring card girl. 

I prefer to think much more highly of myself than that. Simply thinking creatively, in my opinion. 

What do I actually like, for instance? Being my own boss, being independent, 

and being aware that I have some women who look up to me and that I came from nothing truly motivates me. 

Therefore, I'm just really grateful to have as much as I do, and I wish to inspire ladies that want to be like me to like, 

you know what? Ring card chick, that's terrific, that's amazing, but that's all about your appearance, 

figure, and physique. Having anything beyond that is very cool. So it makes me feel pretty good. 

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