After sharing health news, fans rally around Miranda Lambert.

Miranda Lambert's Las Vegas Velvet Rodeo engagement has been interrupted.

"Mama's Broken Heart" singer claimed that she was put on voice rest by a doctor and had to cancel her March 30 event. Miranda was disappointed and wants to perform again soon.

Miranda tweeted a personal update and instructions for ticket refunds.

"Hey y'all. I've been under a doctor's care all day to see if things improve, but I've been placed on vocal rest and we have to cancel tonight's event.

I apologize to our Thursday-night fans. I'm practicing hard for Saturday and Sunday concerts. Thanks for understanding. ❤️"

"Recover shortly. Your health and voice are more essential, and when we purchase concert tickets, this may happen. Health matters."

"Absolutely devastated! Came from the UK to catch you, but your health and wonderful voice are most essential. Recover soon! X" I'm sorry you're sick. Take it easy. "Get well soon"

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