After Jennifer Lopez's Mother: 10 Thriller

How far a parent will go to protect their child is illustrated by The Mother.

Here are ten more films where the lead character must protect a child.

After The Mother, there are a number of compelling thrillers to watch. 

In May 2023, the action-thriller from Netflix starring Jennifer Lopez as "The Mother" was made available. 

The plot centers on the assassin played by Jennifer Lopez who emerges from hiding to defend her young daughter Zoe (Lucy Perez).

The Mother and Zoe, whom she immediately adopted after Zoe's birth, get back in touch as they travel a great distance to avoid being killed by trained operatives.

The Mother is the most recent entry in the specialized subgenre of action thrillers where the protagonist is required to defend a helpless child.

Despite receiving less than stellar reviews from critics, the Jennifer Lopez-starring movie is currently among Netflix's top 10.

The Mother, a new Netflix action film, had the biggest 2023 debut on the service thanks to its deliberate release over Mother's Day weekend.

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