After his AI-powered startup matching service rose nearly 50% this year, Japanese millennial may become a billionaire.

A Japanese millennial who uses AI to remedy a fast aging society problem has become famous.

M&A Research Institute, which matches Japanese business owners with successors using AI, has seen its shares triple.  

Since its June 2022 Tokyo Stock Exchange debut. Stock increased 47% this year.   This spike has made 32-year-old entrepreneur Shunsaku Sagami.

Who owns 72% of the company, worth $950 million as of May 16, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.M&A Research.  

Institute, founded in 2018, helps elderly small and medium-sized business owners whose enterprises close due to a lack of successors. 

In April, the business estimated 620,000 lucrative Japanese companies risk liquidation owing to a shortage of successors.

In a Bloomberg interview, Sagami said he was inspired to start this business by his grandfather, who retired in the 1980s and closed. 

His real estate office due to a lack of a successor.  "In his office, there was a license for real estate agents framed up on the wall," Sagami told Bloomberg.