After a Kim Kardashian clone passes away in Burlingame, one is arrested. 

San Mateo County will file criminal charges against a Florida woman after a model ...

...who resembled Kim Kardashian reportedly passed away following improper silicone injections. 

Christina Ashten Gourkani, 34, had cosmetic treatments to augment Kim Kardashian's iconic curves on her body. 

The model imitated the reality television star when she posed for her OnlyFans page, 

and she gained more than 500,000 Instagram followers as a result.

According to the Palo Alto Daily Post, Gourkani visited a motel in Burlingame on  ...

...April 19 and underwent six injections of silicone to enlarge her buttocks.  

According to her family, she suffered a heart collapse the next day and passed away.

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