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Aaron Rodgers names two Jets teammates as contenders for NFL MVP: 'Legit chance'

Rodgers praised Gardner and Wilson, the Jets' first-round picks.

Rodgers believes they have the potential to be the top team in the NFL.

Wilson and Gardner win Rookie of the Year. Rodgers' experience lends credibility to his viewpoint.

Rodgers and Adams were a productive writing team. Wilson is anticipated to be Rodgers' primary target.

Wilson's abilities in practice wowed Rodgers.Rodgers is upbeat about the Jets' prospects.

Gardner and Wilson give the team optimism.Rodgers sees promise in the Jets' young players.

Rodgers remains upbeat despite Adams' exit.Rodgers gives the Jets' draft class an A-plus.

Marlon Wayans was detained for disturbing the peace following a United Airlines flight.

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