A track, condominiums, and convenient access to Tampa and Orlando are all provided by Circuit Florida.

White Line
White Line

A 52-acre section of Auburndale, in the state's center, is getting an upgrade...

...from its slower past thanks to a US$90 million racetrack-residential complex known as Circuit Florida. 

What did it contain before? 

Cows, I don't know. According to the project's real estate developer, Paul Scarpello.

75 two-story luxury condominiums will be built on the site between Orlando and Tampa,

which was once a cow pasture and will have a 1.7-mile private race track that is membership-based. 

 In December, Circuit Florida welcomes new members. 

This type of track project has existed before. For instance, the upstate New York race track's Motor Club Estates offers gated luxury.

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