A new Netflix record was broken by Jennifer Lopez's The Mother.

Jennifer Lopez's movie The Mother, which made its Netflix debut last week, has already shattered a number of streaming service . 

Records. According to information from the Netflix Top 10 website, 83.71. 

Million hours of the film were watched over its opening weekend. The website includes statistics for the time period from May 8 to. 

May 14 (The Mother was only released on May 12). That is a huge sum, exceeding Luther's. 

Record-breaking first weekend of 65.92 million viewing hours for Netflix in 2023. Throughout its first weekend in February, The Fallen.  

Sun amassed a following.You might be wondering if the assassin thriller is any good if you haven't seen it yet. Digital Spy gave the movie a review, and we thought it was a pretty decent, though little.  

Silly, action piece. Our review stated that "Lopez, who hardly ever receives the acting credit she merits, is extremely watchable as the resourceful.

Protective, and even brutal (she hits people with a fist wrapped in barbed wire!) heart of the movie, and her scenes with screen daughter Paez are also enjoyable unsentimental.