'1923' star suggests 'Yellowstone' spinoff may cease after season 2. 

It appears that "1923" has reached its conclusion. Other cast members may have intimated the popular television series "Yellowstone," 

which Taylor Sheridan created and starred Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, may end after two seasons.

The actor who plays Spencer Dutton, Brandon Sklenar, responded that ...

..."1923" is a "limited" series when asked if viewers can anticipate a third season.

No, it's bookended, I repeat. Although it's still limited, I consider it to be one piece.During a cast interview with The Hollywood Reporter,  

Sklenar explained, "There's just a split in the middle, but it's all one piece. 

Sheridan had intended "1923" to be a limited series, 

but because to its enormous success, Paramount decided to make the "Yellowstone" prequel a series. 

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