1 Yellowstone Spinoff Saved The Franchise: Paramount's Mistake

Although Paramount's odd error resulted in one spinoff, Yellowstone's future may lay in spinoffs.An odd misunderstanding. 

At Paramount gave rise to a Yellowstone spinoff. The 2018 opening of Yellowstone was unexpected. Yellowstone by Sheridan.

Even with Kevin Costner, is a contemporary Western starring Costner.

Didn't seem like a definite hit. The Dutton family drama has captivated American fans.

Making the show one of the most popular. This includes Yellowstone spinoffs.1883 was a prequel to.  

The Dutton family's ancestors' arduous Oregon Trail trek and how they founded the ranch. 1883 was well-received, and Sheridan has.  

Been expanding his universe since. 6666, 1944, and Lawmen: Bass Reeves are Yellowstone spinoffs that may be anthologies about.  

Great American lawmen. The Harrison Ford/Helen Mirren-starring 1923 is a mistake.

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